Range History

Taking Northern Virginia Youth Air Gun Shooting to the Next Level

We are raising funds to install modern electronic targets at the Sills Air Range in order to better support the youth shooting sports – but we need your help!

Humble Beginnings

Growth and Sills Range Outsidesustainment of the shooting sports is highly dependent on introducing shooting to young people. Recognizing this fact, in 1994 the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America established a public youth shooting outreach program. This evolved into a focus on air rifle shooting by converting an existing tractor shed into a 7-lane air rifle facility with paper targets. From the 1994 to 2015, this modest range served an ever-increasing number of youth athletes. From less than a dozen shooters to start, it grew to serve hundreds of youth shooters over the years on club and high school teams.

Reaping the Rewards

With this growth came individual and team awards, along with a dramatic increase in local shooters qualifying for USA Shooting Junior Olympics and getting college schoTargetslarships to shoot on NCAA rifle teams (to include the Air Force Academy, Alaska-Fairbanks, Kentucky, Mississippi, MIT, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Ohio State, West Point and West Virginia). With the foundation set in this range, several athletes have also made the USA Shooting National Team.

Increasing Capacity

With increasing popularity of air rifle shooting, it became clear 7 lanes was not enough to handle the high demand for range time. It was not uncommon to have all lanes full with half-a-dozen youth waiting their turn to shoot. So in 2015 the range got an extensive physical addition that allowed expansion to 25 lanes, resulting in a modern facility with the capability to accommodate more Electronic Targetathletes and to host large matches.  With this increased ability to practice, shooting scores have increased across-the-board, along with the number of athletes participating in matches and the local high school league.

Moving to the World Class Level

While the Sills Air Range now has increased physical capacity, what has not changed is the use of paper targets. While traditional paper targets Electronic Targetsare common at the high school level, all college, national and international air rifle shooting has transitioned to modern electronic targets. For many of our shooters, experience with electronic targets is one key to success at Junior Olympics, in the NCAA, and at International Olympic-style shooting competitions. This is especially true with the new finals format, which requires electronic targets (to see an example of this exciting format, see https://youtu.be/sTuLGM5hJ7I). Installing electronic targets is the next step in the evolution of the Sills Air Range – with the aim to become one of the nation’s premier youth shooting facilities in order to train the next generations of USA shooting athletes. Shooter with electronic targetSince electronic targets are not cheap, we are raising money through fundraisers, raffles, snack bar sales, match proceeds, swap meets, and donations.

Help Now

YOU CAN be a part of making this dream a reality and having electronic targets at our range. You can give a tax-deductible donation through our secured PayPal Fundraising Page.

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